Outdoor - Front 2

Our outdoor venue offers several ideal locations to host part or all of your event.

Settles Point provides beautiful white benches to seat up to 150 guests. The Oak Tree Patio is located just steps from the parlor and ballroom, and is organically wrapped in an umbrella of expansive oak trees. Stillhouse Lake is the backdrop. The breeze skips off the lake, lowering the temperature by several degrees even on the hottest of Texas summer days! The lush green lawn and trees at Settles Point set us apart from the competition.

On the back lawn, the Arbor venue contains a beautiful 20ft. structure with a backdrop of more oak trees, a long white fence, and a view of the west valley. Make your grand entrance through double french-doors atop the balcony — cross the 20ft catwalk and descend the stairs as your wedding begins.